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In English, Wren class have been evaluating, creating and writing instructions.  Throughout the topic they have followed various instructions and up-levelled them using a range of vocabulary (adverbs, fronted adverbials, conjunctions, adjectives and imperative verbs).  The children designed and wrote their own instructions to make a healthy pizza.  Then, they followed their instructions to test how accurate and clear they were.

Wren, Blackbird and Nightingale classes took part in a theme day based upon science.  They were joined by two Scientists who taught them about the digestive system.  The children learnt how to make sherbet using different ingredients as well as the journey food takes through our bodies, when it is being digested.

Wren, Blackbird and Nightingale classes visited Tesco in Pontefract, to learn about where food comes from. They searched the aisles looking for fruit and vegetables and then located the origin of the foods by studying the labels. They touched, smelt and tasted many fruits, vegetables, breads and cheeses from around the world.


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