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Picture 1 Maths - Shape (symmetry)
Picture 2 Maths - Shape (symmetry)
Picture 3 Maths - Shape (symmetry)
Picture 4 Science - Sorting habitats
Picture 5 Science - Sorting habitats
Picture 6 Science - Sorting habitats

Summer Term 2016

This term Wren class will be learning about volcanoes and earthquakes in our new topic 'Our Angry Earth'; habitats and plants in Science; collage, sketching and pastel work in art based on the artist Oenone Hammersley; athletics, cricket, rounders and fitness in PE; music based on the environment as well as many English and Maths skills.



This term Wren class' learning will be based on two books; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and a non-fiction book based on plants.  They will revisit many skills including adjectives to describe as well as fronted adverbials and inverted commas (speech marks).



In Maths, Wren class will be revisiting the four operations (multiplication, addition, subtraction and division) as well as shape and data.



The children will continue to develop their FAB 4 skills and inference skills.

Spring home learning projects - The Romans

Spring home learning projects - The Romans 1
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 2
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 3
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 4
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 5
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 6
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 7
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 8
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 9
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 10
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 11
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 12
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 13
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 14
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 15
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 16
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 17
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 18
Spring home learning projects - The Romans 19
Picture 1 Music
Picture 2 PE - travelling and jumping
Picture 3 PE - using equipment
Picture 4 Science
Picture 1 PE - Indoor games
Picture 2 PE - Indoor games
Picture 3 PE - Gymnastics
Picture 4 Maths - Roman Numerals
Picture 5 DT - sewing

Spring Term 2016

Wren class enjoyed their learning throughout Spring term.  They learnt about the Romans in their topic 'Castleford Our Heritage', Light in Science, Gymnastics in PE, Rivers in Geography, they even made a Roman purse in Design and Technology.



In English lessons, Wren class have focused their learning on two different texts The Romans (a non-fiction text) and The Tinder Box by Hans Christian Anderson (a story).  Within lessons, they have written non-chronological reports (information texts that are not in any order), letters (in role as a soldier) and stories.  Whilst writing in these genres, the children have focused on many skills.  They have used a range of conjunctions to write compound sentences, used adjectives to describe characters and settings as well as using fronted adverbials to explain where, when or how something happened.



In Maths, Wren class have learnt how to tell the time on analogue clocks and also in Roman numerals.  They have also learnt about fractions, different types of measure as well as taking part in CLIC sessions every lesson.



This term the children's reading sessions have been focused on inference.  They have had to use their own experiences as well as the text to answer questions.  They have also used the FAB 4 (prediction, questioning, clarifying and summarising) skills throughout all texts read.


Castleford Our Hertiage (Topic)

This topic was based on the Romans and how they invaded Castleford which was then known as Lagentium.  They wrote non-chronological reports based on their knowledge/ research as well as information texts describing features of a Roman town.  All children were thoroughly engrossed in this topic which was evident in their home learning projects.



During their Geography lessons, the children learnt about many rives and water cycles around the world.  They began by learning the journey of a river, learning about the features of a river and concluded by mapping famous rivers around the world using grid referencing. 



Wren class are extremely enthusiastic towards PE lessons.  They are always focused during lessons and thrive to learn new skills and techniques.  This term they have developed their skills in Gymnastics (apparatus), Hockey and Indoor games. 


Design and Technology

During DT lessons, the children have evaluated a range of modern purses, researched historic purses and finally designed and made their own purse in the style of a Roman purse.  When designing their Roman purse, the children had to think carefully about the success criteria of a purse and ensure their purse had these features.  They then learnt three different techniques for sewing; running stitch, over stitch and back stitch.  They used their chosen stitch to create their Roman purse before evaluating their product.



In Science, the children have been learning about light.  They have learnt what a source of light is, why light is needed and what happens when part of a light is blocked.  They also carried out investigations to test their predictions.  Their favourite investigation was based on BFG (Big Friendly Giant) novel by Roald Dahl.  They had to find a way to create a 50cm shadow to help Disney Productions create their new film, that was going to be released in cinemas around the world. The children had to make a predictions, carry out fair investigations and finally conclude their results.



The SEAL topics this term were 'Going for goals' and 'Good to be me'.  Throughout these topics the children learnt about realistic goals and set their own.  They learnt about how to deal with issues that may arise in their life e.g. disappointment.  They also learnt about how to show/ control feelings in different situations.



In computing, the children had to use two different apps to create a short video based on the Romans.  They used an app called Tellagarmi which allowed them to create a avatar to narrate their video and an app called Green Screen which allowed children to design and import backgrounds in to their video.  The children really enjoyed these lessons and some fantastic videos were created.


In music, Wren class are learning to play the recorder alongside Bob Marley - Three Little Birds.  They are to play a mixture of cords C and B in a sequence.  They thoroughly enjoy their music lessons although they find playing the recorder tricky.