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Welcome to Woodpecker Class - Year 5

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Woodpecker Class Debate

Woodpecker Class Debate 1
Woodpecker Class Debate 2
Woodpecker Class Debate 3
Woodpecker Class Debate 4

Children recently had a debate about improving the flood defences after the December floods.  Children took on the role of different people who would be affected by this decision.  Here children are gathering their ideas and points to make before our class debate.

Performing Poetry

Performing Poetry 1
Performing Poetry 2
Performing Poetry 3

Children are performing poems that they had written.  We gave each other yippee yellow and green for growth feedback focusing on use on intonation, pace, movement and volume. 


Science 1
Science 2
Science 3
Science 4

As part of our science work on light, we made periscopes.  We thought about how mirrors within the periscope reflected the light to allow us to see an object.  

Year 5 Fire Talk

Year 5 Fire Talk 1
Year 5 Fire Talk 2
Year 5 Fire Talk 3
Children from Year 5 had a visit from the local fire brigade.  They had a Fire and Road Safety talk and were given opportunity to look around one of the fire engines.  Everyone enjoyed the talk and asked lots of relevant questions.